About Us

About Us

The F-AEE brings together energy economists, whether they belong to producing or processing companies, the various consumer sectors, the Administration, the educational sector, research institutes, consulting firms, etc.
It deals with the economics of energy, its role in economic and political life and in particular the decision-making processes of management and strategic choices. It addresses these subjects from their different financial, commercial and technical aspects.
F-AEE currently has about 350 members and a network of 1800 participants from academia and industry. The main universities and research centres (CGEMP, ADIS-GRJM, EDDEN, CAE, CREDEN...) are represented, as well as the major companies in the sector: Ademe, EDF, Enedis, ENGIE, IFP, Total. Well-known consulting firms are also part of F-AEE's legal entities: McKinsey Company, Microeconomix, E-Cube.

The integrity of the F-AEE's international network is strengthened by the presence of  Christophe Bonnery, both President of the F-AEE and President 2019 of the IAEE.

It is managed by a Council  representative of the Association's cross-functional vocation.

The international network to which F-AEE belongs currently has more than 4,000 members in more than 110 countries

our goals

The F-AEE has the following main objectives:

  • Facilitate exchanges between economists interested in the field of energy
  • Contribute to research and reflection efforts to improve decision-making processes in this area
  • Collaborate with other French and foreign associations of the same type pursuing the same goals and in particular IAEE
  • Disseminate the results of research carried out in France and around the world in the field of economics.

our history

The Association of Energy Economists, created in 1986, is the French section of the International Association for Energy Economics.
Founded in 1977 in the United States, IAEE aims to develop economic analysis applied to the energy sector and to promote the exchange of ideas and experiences of professionals interested in this field. IAEE is present throughout the world and its members come from a wide range of backgrounds: economists, energy company decision-makers, engineers, geologists, academics, consultants, members of academia, government and international organizations, students, etc. It publishes a quarterly newsletter, The IAEE Energy Forum, and a research-oriented journal,  The Energy Journal,  at a recognized scientific level (*** in the CNRS ranking of peer-reviewed journals).
Each year, an international conference is organized under the aegis of IAEE by an affiliated national chapter. IAEE currently has 24 national chapters, with more than 5,000 members in more than 200 countries.
IAEE's European members currently represent about 40% of the international association's membership.