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The membership year runs from January to December. Membership of both F-AEE and IAEE is not pro-rated through the year, as access to the full year’s publications and to the member directories are available to the new member at whatever point in the year they join.


The French Association for Energy Economics (F-AEE)  is the French chapter of the International Association for Energy Economics (IAEE).

F-AEE members take benefit not only of all services attached to IAEE membership but also from all advantages from the French Association: the French chapter offers 1 to 2 conferences per month to registered members for free. It gives access to exclusely French chapter members reserved conference.

The unique offer is the result of the strong international policy  of both Association.

F-AEE members belong to a network of energy experts from  the academic, industry, finance and public sectors, have access  to some of the latest energy research and thinking, and participate in meetings and conferences that are truly informative.

Established nearly 30 years ago, F-AEE is the longest standing membership organisation for energy  professionals in France. F-AEE members, many of whom are experts in their fields, are drawn from academia, business, finance and government and from all sectors of the energy industry.  Though some of our members are energy economists, you don’t need to be an economist to become a F-AEE member.

F-AEE focuses on providing a platform for informed, high quality energy debate in a neutral forum. It allows members to exchange ideas, to interact with one another, and to better understand each other’s perspectives.

Registation to F-AEE is immediately activated. Membership at IAEE is activated by batch every month.


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Priority registration for F-AEE meetings, seminars and conferences  
Advance meeting notification  
Free attendance at F-AEE meetings  
Corporate Members may invite guests to some meetings   
Students awards and sponsorship in IAEE  
F-AEE student awards and sponsorship to attend international IAEE conferences    
Reduced rates at F-AEE conferences and partner conferences  
Online access to latest available papers presentations and reports in F-AEE archive  
Option to submit own papers/reports for publication in F-AEE archive or newsletter (subject to peer review)  
Full membership to IAEE 
Subscription to the quarterly publications "The Energy Journal" and the "Economics of Energy and Environmental Policy" 
Inclusion in the annual IAEE membership directory, which contains contact details for 3000 individual members worldwide. 
Discounts at IAEE conferences