AEE membership is open to anyone interested in energy economics issues, energy policy or related issues such as sustainable development..


All members:

  • To belong to the community of 4000 energy economists under the aegis of the F-AEE and IAEE and to contribute to the work and debates related to energy economics. You will become actor in the dialogue linking economy and society: ensuring conditions for a secure supply and competitive and acceptable energy, and meeting the aspirations of citizens.
  • To develop a relational network by providing opportunities to meet with stakeholders from different disciplines and professions, academics, industries, administrations and the public sphere .
  • To participate in meetings, seminars and conferences reserved for members with an informative and academic focus in order to extend your expertise
  • To access free of charge all F-AEE conferences (*) and meetings, with special conditions for students.
  • For priority access to our conferences and exclusive access to the history of conference materials.

All members except masters

  • To automatically become an IAEE member (at a lower cost than direct membership). This includes subscription to the Energy Journal and all IAEE materials(IAEE registrations are made on a quarterly basis, so it will take a few days between registration at F-AEE and IAEE).
  • To access reduced rates to IAEE and our partners' conferences
(*) : catering costs may occasionally be charged

Thanks to your contribution, the F-AEE finances the F-AEE conference programme and production. Our members contribute in a very direct way to the life of the association through the conferences in which they participate and from which they benefit.


In 2024, the fee is as follows (*)

  • 154 euros for non-students
  • 73 euros for PhD students
  • 5 euros for master students (excluding IAEE membership)

Membership fee is amortized from the first conference

(*) : students : please enter your date of entry in master or thesis for application and rate and send a student justification to


Terms of payment

Memberships are exclusively by credit card. Memberships by check or transfer are only taken into account for groups of more than 10 new members.

Invoices (membership or conferences) can be printed by you from our website in your "my account - order" page: Invoices

Membership is payable annually and runs from January 1 to December 31 for the AEE and IAEE (for new members, membership in the AEE excluding IAEE is offered from September 4 of the previous year)

For group payments (more than 10 members), contact the F-AEE administration:

Membership categories

There are three categories of members

  •     Student members (master or thesis)
  •     Regular members
  •     Legal entities

How to Subscribe

The membership to the F-AEE takes place as soon as the payment is made. A delay of a few weeks is necessary for the activation by the IAEE.
REMINDER: reciprocally, the direct membership to the IAEE does not give the status of member to the F-AEE.


    Becoming a member

    If you are a new member, we need to collect information about you

    • so that IAEE can send you its publications by mail,
    • to contact you in case of cancellation,
    • to inform you of new events,
    • to find out about your interests and provide you with the right service.

    You will therefore fill in a form containing this information, which is for the internal use of the F-AEE and the IAEE



      If you are already a member, you must log in with your login and password.

      You can then

      • check your information and update it
      • pay for your new membership

      (username and password returned on request by the system to the email address you have given us)
      In case of difficulties, please contact the F-AEE administration:


        Group membership (more than 10 people), before sending a check or a transfer, please fill in the following forms and return them by mail :

           Registration form     (form for students )

        Legal Entities

        Devenir une personne morale de l'AEE veut dire encourager une institution qui a  pendant plus de plus de 25 ans joué un rôle en promouvant la science économique appliquée à l'énergie, avec un focus particulier sur le système énergétique français, les marchés mondiaux des énergies et la politique environnementale.

        La qualification de personne morale est accessible aux petites et grandes sociétés énergétiques, aux institutions financières, aux sociétés de conseil, aux organismes publiques, aux institutions universitaires et aux représentations de la sphère publique. Ce statut permet de participer de façon plus active au choix des suejts traités par l'AEE et d'afficher son sponsoring sur le site de l'AEE. Il donne également accès à des accès avantageux au personnel de la personne morale.

        Pour plus d'information sur les conditions d'adhésion en qualité de personne morale, merci de contacter l'administration de l'AEE :