F-AEE awards

The F-AEE awards 2 prizes for the work of energy economists who are outstanding in their context. This event is an opportunity to discover the most recent research themes in energy economics.
The quality of the contribution to the debates and issues, meeting criteria of relevance or a particular scientific quality, is awarded.

An ad-hoc jury is appointed according to the nature of the prize: it is selected for its competence and independence.

This event is reported by the press invited for the occasion and the results are announced during the EEA annual conference.


The vocation of the F-AEE is to reveal the best current work in energy economics, while giving the floor to the most competent experts on the current topics that dominated the year. That is why the F-AEE jury, chaired by Christophe Bonnery, annually awards the F-AEE Prize for the best energy economics publication.


After a rigorous selection process, the best student articles are presented in a seminar. Two prizes then awarded by the F-AEE jury. In addition to this award, a prize of 1000 euros is awarded to the best article and a prize of 500 euros is awarded to the second article.

Journalists :

A press release announcing the winner will be available the next day on the F-AEE website. It will be sent by email as soon as the announcement is made (from 8pm on the day of delivery) to journalists who will request it at the addresse : administration@faee.fr


  • Authors:
    It is possible to recommend a book to administration@faee.fr until October 15, 2020. The jury will select the authors and announce the winner at the end of November. The winner of the 2020 Energy Economics Book Award will be published at the beginning of the F-AEE annual conference at the end of November 2020.
  • PhD students:
    Propose you article by writing to  faee.student@gmail.com Economists from corporations  :come and challenge the best current research articles in energy economics by registering on this link : registration .

Prix AEE 2019

Because reminding us of the imperative need to fight climate change and at the same time capturing and communicating economic and social realities are the missions to which our community of economists must respond, the Association of Energy Economists awarded on 25 November 2019 in the House of Latin America a prize rewarding an outstanding book for its contribution to the energy economy. The F-AEE also awarded 2 Special Prizes for their contribution to economic science applied to energy

Since 2011, the F-AEE has been rewarding winners who have forged energy policy (see history below).

The 2019 jury for the Marcel Boiteux EEA Prize is chaired by Olivier Massol, IFP School and composed of Carine Staropoli, Paris School of Economics (@CarineStaropoli), Cédric Clastres, Université de Grenoble Alpes, Benoit Esnault, Commission de Régulation de l'Energie, François Lévêque, Mines Paris-Tech, Jean-Eudes Moncomble; Conseil Français de l'Energie, Yannick Pérez, CentraleSupelec (@yannick_perez).

The Association of Energy Economists awarded prizes on Monday 25 November 2019 for three books by French authors who have made an outstanding contribution to energy economics:

The F-AEE jury also awarded a prize of 1000 euros to Clara Balardy, from the University of Paris Dauphine for "Vertical integration, real-time pricing and market power" for the best student research paper and a prize of 500 euros to Romanic Baudu, from the University of Savoie Mont-Blanc for "Fuel Poverty and Health: a Panel Data Analysis" for the second best paper (Paper co-written with Dorothée Charlier and Bérangère Legendre).

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